[BEST PRACTICE] How to Detect Fraudulent Events and Save $200,000 per Month

Proud to share our partnership with Dataduck resulted in inspiring best practices. In this case study, you’ll find a real-life example of how the digital marketing agency executed a successful strategy for fighting fraud and deducted up to $200,000 from ad networks.

Here is a little preview of the Dataduck's results:

  • Dataduck identified fraudster networks, as a consequence, the team disabled up to 50 traffic sources
  • helped Dataduck detect fraud events based on AppsFlyer's post-attribution data
  •’s reports allowed the team to deduct up to $200,000 per month with no issues

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[GUIDE] How To Cut Costs on UA Management

To make the right moves, build the reports with Facebook or Google Ads metadata, A/B tests results or add your custom indicators you won’t need another week - those clear numbers will be right there for you to help with your user acquisition strategy.

Оur surveyed customers reported that, on average, they successfully optimized up to 30% of their budget. Do you want to know how?

Here is your guide on efficient UA management, including tips how to:

  • collect and track MAU-DAU-WAU-ARPU-etc metrics daily
  • dig through numerous spreadsheets, .csvs, dashboards etc. and get data for your regular calculations
  • find the direction which is worth spending and which is behind

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