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Cutting Costs on UA Management
Efficient UA policy is a key component of a successful business dealing with apps. You are to secure a massive influx of valuable users within the shortest amount of time. If you fail at this stage, you fail as a whole. As you know, there is a serious bunch of problems associated with this critical element. To name a few, here is a list.
  • First of all, the share of organic installs is decreasing. So you have to spend considerable amounts of money on marketing-driven installs.
  • Second, a lot of your paid installs are fraudulent. You always need to double check your sources and even networks. Protection against fraud is not an option, it is a necessity.
  • Third, creatives are the key to your success. You need to constantly monitor their efficiency, modify them, test them against different channels. There are neither stops, no breaks in this race. It would be a nightmare without a reliable analytical solution.