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Spending ages exporting and reconciling marketing data from numerous sources?

Bring all your data streams in one place!

  • No more spreadsheets
  • No more money wasting
  • No more headache-inducing discrepancies

JustControl.it provides simple yet powerful tools to aggregate, filter, transform and visualize large amounts of data. No matter where it comes from!

Just a few integrations we support:

What is it all about?

JustControl.it is a marketing-focused platform enabling businesses to gain full control over their ad spending, evaluate campaign performance across a wide range of channels, and get up-to-date reports on virtually every performance metric.

The system architecture, powered by a sophisticated ETL engine and advanced automation capabilities, ensures seamless data mapping from numerous sources in a single interface.

Why JustControl.it?

Comprehensive statistics from any available data source

Combine data from your everyday marketing tools (ad networks, tracking services, or even internal analytics) into one cohesive dashboard, and get meaningful insights on what drives your business

Data consistency guarantee

JustControl.it performs automatic data reconciliation across various sources and destinations, flagging missing or inconsistent information. Get accurate and reliable statistics at any moment of the past or present!

Powerful visualization capabilities

JustControl.it offers to customers a highly customizable dashboard equipped with configurable widgets, charts and graphs. Handle your analytics in a code-free and interactive environment!

Significant financial and human resources savings

How much time and money do you spend on data management and reporting? Now you can fully automate these processes and free up valuable resources to invest in development and other core business goals

Dedicated server infrastructure for each client

Dedicated server for each user ensures that your interface is running at the highest level of speed and productivity. Keep your mind in peace, having round-the-clock access to your real-time data with no delays or disruptions!

Personal support

JustControl.it provides fully-accessible and proactive customer support service that ensures a smooth onboarding experience, and will assist you to sort out any issues at any stage of work

Got some specific queries?

See if we’ve got you covered!

Worry not! We provide a simple API to integrate with any partner on demand. Building a new connector will take just a few hours!
Combine & merge as many accounts into a single report as you like, and analyze the full performance picture!
Here you go! With JustControl.it, you can schedule automated reports to be sent every day or even on an hourly basis!
The user dashboard is highly customizable. You can configure it to slice and dice your data in any possible way! Benchmark essential metrics to spot areas of improvement
No problem! JustControl.it has a real-time alerting system that keeps you on track with all occurring events and anomalies. We maintain your data healthy!
JustControl.it pricing is based on multiple factors, including data storage, the number of data sources, the number of users, etc. We will offer you multiple options adapted to meet your needs. The basic plan starts at $300/month.

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