Case Study: AdSide Media Saved Costs by 3x Choosing as Data Provider

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Who is our client for today’s preview?

AdSide Media is a digital performance boutique that works with app developers to deliver converting creatives and user acquisition expertise. In order to get reliable insights, the AdSide team uses AppsFlyer. Correspondingly, it needs a reliable solution to extract data from the tracker together with Google and Facebook.

First of all, provides a perfect quality-price ratio. Second, it offers professional and prompt support during the integration stage. It works smoothly, painlessly, and at a fantastic speed. is an ideal data provider, just as it’s supposed to be. You start the engine, the machine gets going, and you can simply forget about it.” — Dmitry Yugay, CMTO at AdSide Media

Business Challenges AdSide Media had to face:

● Overpriced data providers

● Low speed of data updates that affects timely decision-making

● Periodic system crashes

● Inert customer service and support

A year ago, we built a system to collect data from Facebook, AppsFlyer, Google, and a range of our own spreadsheets. Initially, the system worked on the basis of Google Data Studio. Then, we switched to Microsoft Power BI. After that we tried Funnel.

At first, everything went well. Funnel delivered data updates at a good speed, one hour or so. Then, we started dealing with certain issues. They introduced FB limits and the system experienced periodic crashes. Gradually, the speed of data updates was reduced to every three hours, and it took us four hours to upload data to our cloud. That’s when we realized it was unacceptable for our media buying decision making.

What alternative solutions did they try?

In order to find a solution that would meet AdSide’s business needs, the team evaluated the potential of Supermetrics, Stitch, and other ETL tools. However, Supermetrics’ pricing policy turned out to be an obstacle. If you run an agency, you inevitably operate with at least 50 accounts, and paying for each account would be too expensive. The other solutions were inert and offered limited support.

Let’s hit the biggest spoiler — at the end they’ve came up with! Solution and Results

“That’s why we got introduced to JustControl. We liked that they came to us and said, ‘Look, there are such and such Facebook metrics which we can pull out for you.

-‘Really, can we do so?’

-‘Sure, let’s do it.’

And they did. Just like that. With Funnel, it was much more complicated and lasted two-three months.’s speed is fantastic.

With AdSide Media manages to focus on productive and seamless decision making and media buying. Here’s just a few of the advantages:

  • cuts AdSide’s costs by 3x compared to other alternatives;
  • JustControl extracts and transfers large volumes of data and ensures that it’s delivered non-stop, once every hour;
  • Its support team has proven itself as proactive and efficient, saving AdSide 3-5 working hours a week that would otherwise be spent dealing with technical issues.

Integration with Facebook can last years when you do it yourself. But if you want to avoid it, then is definitely the Number One Solution. — Dmitry Yugay, CMTO at AdSide Media