JustControl.it Values and Our Strategic Session 

We at JustControl.it believe in our shared approaches and goals. This motivation is what makes us successful. At the same time, such a framework requires everyone to make a contribution. That is why we encourage everyone to make it, in a friendly and convenient fashion. 

This is the reason why held an annual strategic session on Oct. 20-23. 

Such sessions are an important measure to maintain the rhyme of our planning. They are more than just regular corporate gatherings. They are a transparent process involving the entire team. With them, we can avoid getting stuck in the daily routine, move forward, and receive timely feedback. 

As a result of the 2020 session, we accomplished a lot: 

– Together we reviewed the outcomes of 2020 in such fields as features, UI/UX, sales and marketing, etc. 
– We exchanged views on our plans for 2021, including data processing tools, analytical dashboards, SSP features, data export and import, etc. 
– Our team produced a mind map that is going to be a foundation for further development. 

Very soon this blueprint will be transformed into a coherent road map for the coming year. It means that our existing customers should prepare themselves for numerous improvements, including our functionalities, look-and-feel, new data sources, etc. 

What is equally important is that we have once again seen a great fact: we are a team of committed, creative, and open-minded professionals. The year 2020 was not easy for anyone. However, against all odds, we made significant progress. We also managed to preserve our flexibility and HR-oriented approach.  

So stay tuned, there is a lot ahead.