HRBP at JustControl: ‘We search for people that are capable of fitting in with our team’

It takes a great team to build a great product. Our HR Business Partner, Alina Gamzaeva, knows this better than anyone else. She is in charge of recruiting, adapting, evaluating, and developing our staff. Besides, she is responsible for many other issues related to our day to day activities. Today, she is going to tell us who is always welcome at, what advantages we can offer and which candidates are likely to fail to join us. 

Tell us about your bio before joining JC? 

I studied psychology which helps a lot when I communicate with candidates and employees. After all, working with people is the key component of HR-activities. And my education makes a significant contribution to the communication process.

As for my practical experience, I started to work in IT back in 2014. Since then, I have taken part in many projects and tried a lot of techniques. Having spent some time with the Appness agency, I realized that digital marketing, as business, is of great interest to me. So I recently landed at, a marketing tool for this industry. Now, it is like I have two simultaneous and interrelated perspectives, which is very productive.   

What is the most difficult part of your job functions right now?  

The greatest challenge I face is associated with recruiting. Our approach to it is not quite standard. We search for people that are capable of fitting in with our team, fitting into our culture, our special psychological and organizational environment. The main prerequisites for that include both hard skills and soft skills valued by our team.

I guess it is our specific climate that makes our level of productivity possible. That is why it is habitual for us to ‘scan’ thousands of CVs. 

Why is it so? 

We adhere to a flexible structure, which is to be preserved. Our ideal candidate should always be conscious that the eventual success of the entire team depends on his or her performance. Every decision made, every step taken, it all matters. We do not impose strict limits and regulations. In exchange, we expect to see reliability and enthusiasm.

Is it easy to find such people? 

Obviously, it is not. IT and digital marketing in particular are highly competitive industries. Each promising candidate can be offered fine employment by several large companies and numerous startups almost instantly. Thus, detecting a candidate with both needed hard and soft skills – as well as work ethics – is hard. Hiring such candidates is even harder.

At the same time, we know that finding a perfect candidate is real, all the problems notwithstanding. In fact, we already built a dream team and continue to grow. 

Under these circumstances, what magnet attracts the team members we need?  

It goes without saying that we offer extremely competitive salaries, palatable employee benefits, and bright social life at the office. However, this is not enough. As I have already mentioned, many companies are functioning in this fashion. 

So, we offer our amazing team and friendly environment. We also give a chance to work autonomously, with minimum bureaucracy.

This advantage does have enormous appeal to the candidates we need. Finally, we believe that working with us may be the main career asset. 

What do you mean by that? 

It is already clear that JC will change the face of the digital marketing industry. We analyze the feedback received from our customers and are convinced that our solution is a game-changer. So having a successful record with the tool of the future will facilitate your career.

Even if one leaves JC at a particular moment. 

Any final remarks? 

I’d prefer to repeat our guidelines associated with HR and talent management.

First of all, we know that hard and smart work pays off. Second, each of our employees does deserve trust. Third, we always try to avoid micromanagement.