Ekaterina Korneeva: ‘We are in the right position to offer you something really new’

In this piece, Ekaterina Korneeva, one of our Support Engineers, tells us about her work at JustControl.it. Besides, she reveals and illustrates more details about how our Tech Support functions in general. Her story outlines an average customer journey as well.

Ekaterina, tell us about the way the Support Team functions?

Our Customer Support Experts have accumulated years of experience related to automated reports. I mean both setting them and managing them. It would not be an exaggeration to compare our Support Group with a Backend team. That is to say, we at JustControl.it do more than just helping our customers use the product, which includes onboarding and maintaining their existing reports. We, in practice, develop custom scenarios for them to meet their unique needs. 

Can you describe how a typical route of a new customer looks like?

Switching to JustControl.It is very easy since our team of onboarding experts is always ready to set up custom marketing analytics services, quickly and flexibly.

Let me highlight the most common situation our customers face prior to joining JustControl.It.

Most of them used to collect data manually from different Data Sources. Then they would merge this data via Smartsheets or Excel Spreadsheets. If you have ever tried this pattern, you realize that it takes enormous amounts of time to export and reconcile marketing data across numerous sources. More than that, such manual compilations increase the risks associated with human errors and subsequent problems concerning the reliability of your financial statements generated by Statistics Reports.

That’s why we are working to replace manual data collection with our automation tools. 

– Normally, first, we hold an online meeting to learn more about a customer’s needs. 

– Then we ask the customer to fill out a brief questionnaire covering either the most typical or the most complicated scenario. 

– After that, this scenario is implemented and tested to generate timely, detailed, and reliable reports. 

– If the customer is satisfied – and they are generally more than content with the outcomes – we start working on other scenarios, until everything is resolved. 

Once again, these scenarios are individual and, quite often, extremely complicated. Below you can see an example that shows you a data route, from multiple sources (green) to the resulting report (dark red at the end). Each block here is a stage of data processing and transformation. As a result, the entire spending was aggregated in a single report.  

How do you implement scenarios required by a client?

Our Support Team believes that we are capable of implementing any tricky setup. Let’s examine, for instance, our Calculated Metrics. 

The JustControl.it tools can perform any complicated calculation using a KPI or multiple KPIs. Moreover, with our flexible internal tools, it is possible to compute Calculated Metrics via transposing any Entity (row) to Metric (column) and apply a custom Filter. 

For example, not so long ago we resolved a challenging task: we enabled the calculation of a 28-day ROAS predict, based on intermediate metrics (i.e. cumulative revenue on the first, seventh, and fifteenth days and dependent coefficients). Such a calculation is hard to manage manually in Spreadsheets. However, with JustControl.it, this can easily be done via our internal automated tools.

In other words, if you need to calculate your profit, revenue, or other cost expressions – and if you want to boost your employee productivity – we are in the right position to offer you something really new. 

If something goes wrong, what is your pattern of reaction?

Honestly speaking, we see our mission as keeping all the processes 24/7. So, if something goes wrong, our support engineers inform the customer about the problem and notify the customers about any changes in advance.

We practice strong root cause remediation to make sure we’re always capturing the true cause of any issue, properly fixing it, and applying those lessons. In addition, our Support Team provides regular reconciliation of data in the Statistic Reports with the Raw Data from data sources, based on our own accounts in these very sources, in order to verify the reliability of our tools.

Please, describe the most difficult scenario you have ever dealt with?

Many of them are complex in one way or another. I could cite the following one. A customer has costs-related data from over 30 data sources. This customer also has performance-related data from a tracker and other performance-related data from an internal analytical solution simultaneously. What is even more challenging is the fact that all these pieces of data differ from each other when it comes to naming. It is almost impossible to merge them manually.  

But we did create a tool that would combine these incompatible pieces together and provide the customer with a window informing them about the entire picture of what is happening, with a breakdown by all the necessary groupings, ranging from traffic sources to channels and individual managers working with sources.

Finally, what can you say about your current plans and priorities?

Currently, I am in the process of improving my coding skills. In spite of the fact that I have already earned a bachelor’s degree in Info-Communication Engineering, I would like to continue my education via additional certification and practice. Personally, I believe that practice only makes you perfect.