[BEST PRACTICE] AppLife Switched to JustControl.it and Cut Data Collection Expenses by 50%

“If you need to collect data from multiple sources without any discrepancies, JustControl.it is probably the best solution on the market. Its functionality is straightforward; we manage to extract all historical data and get it displayed with a breakdown by months, days, and applications. It is way easier than checking stats in different ad accounts of different sources. JustControl.it is the most reasonably priced tool compared to other alternatives. It saves us time and money.”

– Aleksandr Surkov, COO and CMO at AppLife.

| About the Company

AppLife is a developer and publisher of mobile games. The flagship game, Parking Escape, was released in 2017 and just a few months ago got acquired by a Silicon Valley company. Today, AppLife’s apps have reached 10 million installs and keep growing. The AppLife team works on a range of other projects in the field of casual gaming. In 2019, the company became a publisher of third-party titles.  

| Business Challenges

  • Inconvenient and overpriced ETL tools
  • Excessive time spent on extracting data
  • Lack of customer support

“Our main data sources include Facebook, Unity, Google Ads, TikTok, and Snapchat. As to our analytics, we have our own BI dashboard. Our main goal is to scale up our apps effectively and not waste time on correcting discrepancies. We needed a reliable solution to expediently extract data and send it to our dashboard. Not so long ago, we tried Supermetrics. In fact, we bought a yearly subscription plan, but never really used it. It was inept and inconvenient, no dashboards to monitor the performance. So, we kept looking and came across JustControl.it.”

| JustControl.it Solution and Results

AppLife’s team chose JustControl.it because it facilitates data extraction and integration with their dashboard.

“With the help of JC.it, we collect Google generated revenues. We also aggregate historical spends, which is way more convenient than tracking data from original media sources and manually checking on all ad accounts. I use JustControl.it daily, same as our analytics team, comparing AppLife’s dashboard with JC.it.”

Customer support exceeds expectations: “JC.it guys respond as quickly as possible. They expediently release all the changes we require.”

  • JustControl.it helped AppLife cut monthly expenses by 50%; these are the costs involved in data collection and processing services;
  • JC.it facilitated AppLife’s data collection, saving the team 60 hours per month;
  • AppLife forgot about annoying errors and discrepancies in their reports;
  • Extraction of historical data is worth mentioning: “We like the way it is collected and matched. JustControl.it offers an advantageous display of historical data and its breakdown by time and apps.”

“Our main goal is a quick business scaling. Now we have significant resources at our disposal for that purpose. And JustControl.it is a valuable tool to track the efficiency of their allocation.”